The Askov Foundation is a knowledge based organization

The Askov Foundation believes that all social initiatives can and should be measured, and we develop methods that support knowledge-based work
based on documentation, effect and close follow-ups.

Knowledge about our users help focus our work

The Askov Foundation continuously gathers knowledge and evaluates and hones our initiatives.
We use it to refine our efforts to ensure long-term and sustainable positive change for our users, so that
we can help each and every individual we work with towards positive development.

We gather information about all our users before, during and after our involvement

The Askov Foundation has, in collaboration with the Danish School of Education, developed a systematic Assessment and
Intervention Model (AIM).  The model is based on experience and contributes to knowledge that helps tailor efforts for the individual users.
The AIM consists of a number of questionnaires and relevant psychological tests. The initial psychological
test gathers background data about the user and gives us a comprehensive understanding of the person’s social, psychological
and somatic issues, and contributes to statistical data and demography for the general target group. All data is collected electronically.

Vi evaluate every single thing we do

It is vital for us that every single person that uses our services actually gets better.
That is why we measure all our efforts with a feedback oriented dialogue tool that primarily measures effect: Feedback Informed Treatment, (FIT).
FIT is a user-operated dialogue and evaluation tool that focuses on an individual’s outcome of an initiative.
The tool is developed by Scott D. Miller, Ph.D. and Barry L. Duncan, Psy. D, and has been approved as evidence based practice.
FIT also contributes to the maximisation of user involvement, as the professional and the user in a systematic manner talk about the effect of an initiative.

We share our accumulated specialist knowledge with other relevant stakeholders and collaborators.
You are welcome to contact our Knowledge Centre if you’d like to hear more:
Drop our Development Director Annika Svensson a line on