Our core values

The Askov Foundation's core values

The Askov Foundation’s values are based on more than 75 years of developing proactive and socially inclusive solutions
for and with people on the edge of society. We believe that all people are valuable and that change needs
to come from within, starting with a joint understanding of necessary targets, methods and purpose.


All people need to belong, and we try to enable dignity in people through providing them with the possibility to be an active part of society.


We measure our social initiatives by gathering relevant data and documenting our efforts. We use this knowledge to adjust future initiatives, securing the best possible impact for society and the individual.


Vi have a firm belief in people and their positive potential. We demonstrate that positive change is always possible. We do it together. With passion, enthusiasm and hope. We are curious and open. We don’t stop before we have given it our all. This passion is at the centre of everything we do.


We work proactively to find new social solutions based on the needs that exist in society.
Social solutions cannot and should not stand alone.
This is why we collaborate closely with stakeholders around us:
The public and private sectors, cultural institutions, educational institutions and civil society.