The Askov Foundation

What is the Askov Foundation

The Askov Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation(NGO) with more than 70 years of experience
in creating socially inclusive solutions for vulnerable people in Denmark.
We do this together with the private and public sector, always aiming to achieve what is best for the individual in everything we do.

We believe that it pays to invest in people.
We base our activities on the principle of relational welfare rather than systemic welfare, because we know
that relations pave the way towards social change. People have the potential for changing people for the better. Systems cannot do this.

The Askov Foundation’s six departments work to create better terms for vulnerable people in Denmark.
We offer help and support to more than 2000 peopIe annually.
Every day, we meet people who live on the edge of society: People that need support to get through a crisis, who are
vulnerable or had such a rough start in life that they’re still fighting to feel good enough or right enough.

Our purpose is to enable people to find the strength and courage to take responsibility for their own lives and the society in which they live.

Dialogue Against Violence

Offers treatment programmes for violent offenders in the shape of individual talks, group programmes for their partners and treatment for children aged 4-18 in violent families. ‘Violent love’ is the name of our advisory consultation service for young people up to the age of 24, who are either violent towards their significant others or could potentially become violent.

The Mir Schools

Offer special education for normally gifted or particularly gifted children with developmental or psychological vulnerabilities. We try to help children find the strength and desire to learn, socialise and develop, in order for them to return to and benefit from normal traditional educational programmes.


Develops new sustainable models as to how young people can use established cultural institutions to create new inclusive communities for vulnerable youth. Working across established societal sectors, we aim to build a bridge between young people and the educational system as well as the labour market.

The Askov Foundation’s Social Psychiatry Department (ASPA)

Develops and offers social services to psychologically vulnerable people. ASPA is open during the daytime as well as in the evening. This service provides an opportunity to develop personal competences and focuses on a closer connection to the labour market.

ASPA offers individual as well as group programmes. We offer our support and advice within employment, education and personal development, all with the purpose of the individual getting better.


Offers interventions for people with eating disorders, emotional disturbances or self harming behaviour. We tailor individual treatment programmes, developing and training skills with the purpose being the users’ ability to manage daily life on their own. We offer our services in the daytime, in housing as well as ambulant therapy.